About Corine

her working principles

Corine Aartman: “I care deeply about human rights, sustainability and the arts. I choose to work by what drives and inspires me. With people I respect, for causes that I am committed to and where I believe I can make a difference”.

her motto

If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution (Emma Goldman)

her trackrecord

✻ change/interim management of teams individual and institutional fundraising, communications and marketing
✻ development fundraising strategies and programs
✻ training and toolkit for local resource mobilisation
✻ team building of teams of (international) fundraisers
✻ start-up of fundraising operations
✻ coaching  board of directors and board of trustees
✻ doubling private sector fundraising income and pushing Unicef  to top # 3 in the Netherlands and #1 country office within the Unicef family
✻ innovation of fundraising programs
✻ setup of international benchmarking program

what others say

“Corine is an experienced strategist with a flair for innovation and an endless capacity to inspire. She is also great fun,  a clear-thinking communicator and passionate advocate for a whole array of causes and people.”

– Ken Burnett, fundraising authority and author of  Relationship Fundraising 

“Corine has a creative mindset and is open to think out of the box.  She is able to digest a load of information in a consistent and structured manner,  has good analytical skills and a wealth of fundraising experience“.

– Maaike Blom, social entrepreneur, owner  of ISDuurzaam